Lloyd Bartis

Health and nutrition Cape Town

My name is Lloyd Bartis, born and raised in Durban, South Africa to a Greek mom and Italian dad. Food has always been loved, now even more so. I grew up playing football and tennis amongst other sports but those two I excelled in. The ocean has always been apart of my life, even now since I have relocated to Cape Town. The cold Atlantic waters offer muscle recovery and new bodysurfing spots. Food and movement is a huge driving force in my life, I love moving and I love eating, together they’ve fuel one another leading me into living a life more energized and more aware. Sleeping is also a trait I highly specialize in, without adequate sleep the body cant function at its optimum performing in the things I enjoy most.

What drives me?

I wake up to a glass of liquid chlorophyll, a highly cleansing alfalfa tonic. This sets me up for the day and prepares me only to eat what nourishes. Foods interest me, the role they play, the abundance they offer and the wealth you receive in return. I enjoy the gathering and exchanging of new information; it opens up different channels of where I can get a greater understanding in how to incorporate more of what’s necessary in getting me closer to my goals.

Nature also plays a role in driving me, observing the intricate complexity of how everything is interlinked and symbiotically codependent within itself, that gives me more sense of feeling alive, like being woven within her fabric.

Exploring new physical parameters plays its part in driving me too.

What’s next in training?

Training is like a never ending pursuit, the body is always evolving and adapting making it a fascinating mode of mechanized transport, which can take us through a deep personal story of discovery and self gratitude. In recent times, my regime has been based on ridding old injuries and rebuilding from the foundations, those are where the real gains are met. To achieve faster results, those areas offering the most discomfort and effort, I focus my attention on.

Yoga is a great way to address these types of issues; it breaks you down from the base level realigning the muscles and meridian lines, building more strength, flexibility and mobility throughout, while being able to pay special attention to where the weaknesses are. Going inverted and meeting feelings from unfamiliar positions is what I’m currently exploring. To be as mobile and comfortable on all fours as it is to walk is where I’d like to take my ability. To be able to move in childlike/primitive uncompromised patterns.

What makes me happy?

Honey, the ocean, my dog, information, laughter, my family and friends, sleeping, eating, moving, collecting spring water, fresh air, all the simple things in life that aren’t in any specific order.

How do I create balance?

By doing more of the stuff I think i have no time for and even more of the stuff that brings me joy. I enjoy being barefoot, being grounded, spending time in the sun is crucial in how we feel and respond to our environment. I enjoy reading, listening to sounds and observing sights, these all play their role in the balance created. They have a harmonizing affect, that and living in Cape Town, surrounded by mountains all have their balancing act at play.

What’s one piece of kit I couldn’t do without?

Foam roller and trigger point balls, I travel a bit and move a lot so tension is guaranteed but these therapy tools are great to have.

Goals for the future?

My ideology and goal is to fuse food and movement into a “lifestyle” based center, accessible with specifically sourced superfood products and services, creating a tangible culture in an ever-growing holistic market. Allowing “like/new” minds an opportunity to merge and thrive through sustainable practices that places emphasis on longevity.

Who inspires me and why?

There are a few inspirational people I admire for their ability in showcasing what is possible with time and dedication.  Ido Portal, Cristiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer, Usain Bolt, Elon Musk and Bear Grylls. These are all professionals who have dedicated their lives to their passion and have reached a level of unparalleled success in their respective fields. It’s a testament to what we are capable of. I really admire Bear Grylls because as humans, it’s our core principle to be able to survive and live. He has the physical capabilities and mental resolve in any environment to look after himself and get out alive.

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