Marcus Sühr

Golf Stockholm

My name is Marcus Sühr and I´m based in Stockholm. I’m working as a trainer and the bigger part of my clients are golfers and other athletes. And when I’m not in the gym helping my athletes with their strength and mobility I´m at the office with my colleagues working with my fitness app ”PT Online” trying to help people all over the world with their fitness and health.

What drives you? 

Knowing that I’m doing something that inspires or helps people in some way. Does not matter if its helping a client or athlete in the gym to move better, inspiring a friend or follower through a social media post, motivating and guiding someone to start working out with my app or just working hard and being a good role model for friends and family.

What's next in training? 

For me it feels like working out or training just for your looks or aesthetics is old school. And training for strength, mobility and just to feel good and perform better in life or in your sport is more and more becoming the big motivator for people.

What makes you happy?

Knowing that I have an awesome life with great friends, family, girlfriend and job. Basically, knowing that you are on the right “path” and feeling balanced. Nothing is more frustrating then when you feel lost.

How do you create balance in your life?

Taking time to hang out with friends and family is very important to me. But my biggest passion in life is golf. And it has been since I was a kid. Nothing helps me to take my mind of things more than golfing, just trying to be then and there in my head. Golf is basically my meditation and therapy.

What’s one piece of kit you could not live without?

My golf clubs. 

What are your goals for the future?

My goal is that I will be able to keep helping and inspiring people all over the world to live healthy and active lives through my app (PT Online) but also being able to help one or a few professional golfers at the highest international level. And all of that should provide me and my future family with the opportunity to live a healthy and happy life together.

Who inspires you and why?

When I was younger I used to look up to famous golfers and soccer players like Tiger Woods or Zlatan. Or someone in the fitness industry when that became a bigger part of my life. But right now I don’t really have one role model. I see things in lots of people around me that inspires me. And I'm trying to learn something from all of them.

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