Mia Eckhoff

Yoga Oslo

My name is Mia Eckhoff. I´m from a small place called Eggedal, in the mountains of Norway. I grew up with horses and skiing and became an international rider for many years. I have lived in Oslo for 12 years and I still compete and have my horse here in the city. I started my passion for training and healthy food in Oslo and studied nutrition and personal training here. In 2013 I went to Bali to study yoga and I loved it!! Now I´m working for a new studio in Oslo called Core Balance and freelance with food styling, catering ect. I just love to keep my body and soul balanced with both training and fresh food. That is my passion.

What drives you? 

The feeling of being balanced and fresh and help others to feel the same way.

What’s next in training? 

Megaformer. It´s amazing!

What makes you happy?

Being outside in the nature/ride my horse in the woods, make food, eat great food and train at core balance.

How do you create balance in your life? 

Have fun, drink a glass of wine if I want to, relax, but still get up in the morning, eat healthy and work out.

What’s one piece of kit you could not live without?

Yoga mat.

What are your goals for the future? 

Inspire people to be more balanced and happy.

Who inspires you and why?

My mam, she is the kindest and strongest woman I know.

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