Patricia Vidal

Yoga Barcelona

My name is Patricia and I’m a yoga teacher from Barcelona. Movement has been a constant throughout my life and I feel most like myself when I am active and in nature. I started practicing yoga occasionally more than five years ago but it wasn’t until last year when I fully understood everything it was changing within me. Ever since, I am committed to sharing all that it gives me on all levels.

What drives you? 

Even though I had never thought of teaching, yoga has given me so much I feel the need to share. I love when I can bring my students to even slightly feel what yoga is to me and all the goodness it can provide. I love watching their faces after class and knowing they have gained, even if little, some peace from that time they decided to share with me.

What’s next in training? 

As I see it, training has ceased to be an activity to become a lifestyle. People are learning to listen to their bodies and seeking the wellbeing that is achieved through movement without turning it into a duty, rather a way of life. One day you might need a long walk in nature and another a HIIT session and the beauty is when you find the way to listen to what your body needs. Being in touch with oneself is the ultimate goal.

What I love about Yoga is that it has opened a door to an infinite amount of knowledge to gain. I am about to do a training on Yoga for Trauma next month and, after that, I will join the Jivamukti 800h apprentice program here in Barcelona.

What makes you happy?

Nature makes me happy. I love a long beach day with friends and family, swimming and just playing around on the sand watching the sun rise and set. I feel happiest when I feel like a child again.

Going for a hike with my dog Maui, cooking for friends, talking to my mom, or finding a good read are things I love to do as well. Whenever I’m feeling down, sports are always the answer to change my mood.

How do you create balance in your life? 

I love yoga and wellness but find it easy to get sucked in too deeply, losing interest in everything else. I try to keep my life balanced in that sense and my friends are what keep me most grounded. I also enjoy a night out dancing, going for a drink and just being silly. I try not to take anything too seriously, starting with myself.

What’s one piece of kit you could not live without?

I don’t imagine life without my yoga mat. It is like a magic carpet that, once you step on it, takes you to another reality. It’s the place where I connect to myself and come to a meditative moving state.

What are your goals for the future? 

For now, I am focused on becoming the best teacher I can, being able to communicate the Jivamukti method as it has been shown to me. On the long run I guess I would love to have my own yoga studio with a small cafe attached, but my goals are constantly changing with me.



Who inspires you and why?


I am inspired by people who stay positive under harsh circumstances, my brother in particular. He passed away a year ago after fighting cancer for almost ten years and his liveliness was contagious despite everything he was undergoing. He was truly an inspiration and radically changed my way of understanding life. 

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