Roo Hamer

PT London

My name is Roo Hamer and I've been working as a personal trainer in London for 6 years now. I've been into sports and adventure for my whole life and subsequently have never let myself go. I went through a good 5 year stint of hitting the weights in the gym and bodybuilding but since qualifying as a p.t. have not used weights since. I prefer my training to be bodyweight so as to help me when it comes to sports, you need to be trim and efficient to perform well at the type of sports I do and so any extra weight or inflexibilities are a hindrance.

What drives you? 

I like to think that for most things, there's some sort of reward system to it and you just have to realise what the reward may be for that situation. It may not be material, but I just like to complete tasks or goals and to realise what I've achieved from it. Then onto the next!

What’s next in training? 

I'm an avid kitesurfer and really love to travel with it. It's great exercise and the stronger I become with my calisthenics training the better it seems to get. There are many static gymnastic moves, however, I am yet to master that may take another 5-10 years to perfect. So there's never a lack of things to practice for me!

What makes you happy?

Candy, a sky with no clouds in, people you can tell are good, being on some sort of moving board (skate, snow, kite, surf), feeling loved and being pampered, the ocean, training progressions!

How do you create balance in your life? 

I travel a lot, both with work and family, so when I'm home in London I will work as much as I can so that when I'm away I'm relaxing and not worrying or stressing. I try to be very chilled and leave focus for when it's needed. As long as I always have enough time to play and I don't go too long without, I'm happy!

What’s one piece of kit you could not live without?

Right now, it's got to be my bicycle, I cycle every day I'm home in London and it's the most eco mode of transport in London. It keeps me fit without even realising I'm training, I'm just going to work!

What are your goals for the future? 

I'd like to be at where I am right now, doing what I'm doing for another ten years, I love the life!! I'd quite like to get a dog...!

Who inspires you and why?

My dad. He's my best friend and role model! Although I haven't followed his career choice into financial software I'm doing my best to set my life goals to end up looking how he is right now. Almost 60 and kitesurfing, mountain biking etc. He's a gnarly dude and an inspiration.

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