Sami Hossny

Health and nutrition Marbella

A former pro athlete, believer, dietitian with a MS in sports nutrition, fueled by passion and love to people. I combine my own professional sports career and experiences along with the education I've learned in the classroom, to offer YOU long-lasting results, without compromising one's freedom. Present calisthenics athlete, now gone nutrition professional and entrepreneur on a mission to redefine what living healthy truly means. I believe in teaching YOU to be a nutrition expert yourself - learning what your individual body needs and feels best with, so you can begin living a #FitEntrepreneur life, without strict dieting or militant exercising. I love simplifying nutritious eating, active living, and fat loss + lean muscle gain, so that you can ultimately create control over your life, feel energized, reach your goals, and be both confident and happy with your body.

What drives you? 

I think its important to ask yourself, why shouldn't I be driven? We are born into amazing human bodies in an era with an abundance of opportunity where we can travel and obtain unique knowledge on how to develop ourselves. The reason that this way of looking at the world works for me and fitness is because in my opinion your body is the most amazing instrument you will ever own and I want to experience it at its best shape.

What's next in training? 

In the modern world many people are traveling and are constantly busy every day.  This makes it hard to get to the gym as often as needed. I think bodyweight  training such as Calisthenics and Home workouts are becoming much more popular. These leave you with no excuses, they give you a great shape, it's less stress on your joints and it really helps you get to know your own body.

What makes you happy?

First of all being grateful brings happiness in my life, I am grateful that I was burn human and not a cactus, grateful to find my purpose on early age, grateful for the  era we live in, era that you can easily travel and connect with people.

How do you create balance in your life?

Awareness is what helps me create a balanced life. By knowing what is going on around me, where I should spend my time and energy I find myself authentically moving towards the things that are most important to me, his to me is a balanced and happy life… like riding a wave. Anyone that surfs knows that while riding in the peak of wave it can go either left or right and without that awareness you will not be able to follow the natural flow of the wave. 

What’s one piece of kit you could not live without?

Swimming shorts.

What are your goals for the future?

I am very passionate about helping people achieve their best physical and mental state. This is why I am pursuing fitness and nutrition. I will continue to collaborate and work with people who follow the same vision as me so I get spread my message.

Who inspires you and why?

I am especially inspired by people who regardless of their circumstances and influences still work hard and push towards their goals. The reason I'm inspired by these people is because it reminds me that you are far more powerful than the limiting beliefs of others. are actually you are as powerful as the beliefs you set upon yourself.

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