Shane Urton

Ballet Oslo

Shane is currently a dancer for the Norwegian National Ballet in Oslo. Originally from North Carolina in the United States, Shane has been somewhat of a nomad as he pursued his dance career. Starting professionally at the Joffey Ballet in Chicago to joining the Royal New Zealand Ballet and now in Norway Shane developed a taste and appreciation for diversity that influences every aspect of his life. Through this Shane has discovered how Ballet isn’t enough on its own and in order to grow in this Art one needs a strong, healthy body and mind. He then explores other styles of dance, choreographing his own works, incorporating Yoga and various other cross training practices. Shane shares Casall’s message of the importance of creating harmony between the Mind, the Body, and the Spirit and looks forward to helping others experience this approach.

What drives you? 

I don’t want to come to the last page of my life and feel that I haven’t participated in living.So I strive to cultivate a growth mindset because I set great importance on how diverse skills and learning nourish my life practice. I believe that in weaving my physical state, my spirituality, and my intellectual capacity tightly together I can develop the best version of myself in order to enjoy life at its fullest.

What’s next in training? 

A better relationship between various forms of training and nutrition. I’m always tinkering with my diet and training practices and I love to see how the each experiment affects me. For example, Yoga before my daily morning Ballet technique.

What makes you happy?

A balanced life- an engaging project and afterwards enjoying a well deserved rest.

How do you create balance in your life? 

An important element to create balance was to define what ‘rest’ means for me. Simply relaxing was not just unsatisfying but felt counter-productive- rather I have to feel that I’ve worked hard towards a particular goal (in any aspect of my life) in order to properly enjoy a rest.

What’s one piece of kit you could not live without?

The yoga mat. It’s a pillar for me- the ceremony of morning yoga- the travel friendly nature reminds me to spontaneous and free- and of course, the versatility of the mat.

What are your goals for the future? 

My goals, possibly taking many forms or phases, are to help others develop their best selves and to create environments where they and I could collaborate in projects that share our mutual vision such as this Casall platform offers.

Who inspires you and why?

Generally, I am inspired by those who have a sense of spirit, an enthusiastic approach toward their goal. Those that keep on despite the obstacles or any adversity. Those who strive to tame their mind in order to make contact with their body and then propel themselves toward their dreams.

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