Sophia Thora

Yoga - Fitness - Coaching Munich

Sophia is a Yoga Teacher and Mental Coach from Munich who loves to jump around on her mat as well as she loves to relax on the couch in the evening. For her its all about finding the right balance in every aspect of her life. Her passion for movement began to grow when she first stepped into a dancing class as a child. As a young adult she then started to explore the fields of yoga, functional training and ways how to create a positive mindset. After finishing school and an unsuccessful attempt to study something „reasonable" (the law), she decided to follow her heart. She studied psychology, did a Hatha and Vinyasa yoga teacher training and completed her Fitness Trainer license. Due to wonderful teachers and friends she actually was able to make her passion her job. Since 2015 she is running a little studio in the heart of Munich. She is always searching for new ways to create a positive, balanced and healthy life. She is grateful for everyone she can learn from and excited to share her knowledge and passion with others.

What drives you? 

My love for my work and the constant flow of learning and sharing.

What’s next in training?

The next adventure will be my third Yoga Teacher Training with Simon Park. For my own practice I want to set my focus on finding the right mix of yoga, functional training and meditation for my weekly routine. This can be quite tricky because I like all of them so much I don't want to neglect any of them.

What makes you happy?

One day filled with a good workout, a nice yoga class, relaxing on the couch or spending time with family and friends in nature.

How do you create balance in your life?

With a lot of Yoga on and off the mat, also trying to be mindful and listening to my body and intuition - they tell me exactly what I need and what is the right thing to do. Generally sticking to the basics of my daily routine like eating healthy, sleeping enough and keeping my sense of humor in every situation.

What’s one piece of kit you could not live without?

Comfortable yoga clothes. Since I have classes all over the day, my yoga clothes are the outfit I wear most of the time, so it is very important for me to feel comfortable and free to move.

What are your goals for the future?

My big dream always was to have my own yoga studio. Now that I found two great partners this is actually coming true and I’m moving from my small yoga place into our own real studio. So my goal is to make it work and to create a space for everyone, who wants to do something good for their body and soul.

Who inspires you and why?

Wim ‚The Iceman' Hoff. While he was searching for a method to heal himself, to overcome fear and to find peace and happiness, he found a way to heal people and shared it with the world while staying „real“. I had the honor to meet him once and to me he is a little (in a good way) crazy and curious but also grounded and humble yogi. Staying yourself and seeing the best in everyone makes me want to be like him.

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