Tina Eriksson

Yoga London

Passion for movement and how the body works. That’s why I love yoga and decided to embark on the journey to become a yoga teacher 7 years ago. How the body works and how we can heal ourselves through yoga has always been a passion of mine. My focus when teaching lies much in how tailor made yoga to fit the purpose can help you to be better in your everyday life. Because when it comes down to it, we don’t practice yoga to be better at yoga. We practice yoga to be better at life For several years, I worked both as a stockbroker and a yoga teacher. Life is about finding balance through cornerstones. For me finance and yoga was two of those cornerstones – mind of a stock broker and the heart of a yogi. When I later on moved to Norway I started my own yoga studio. That was when I switched my desk for my yoga mat permanently. For me, everything starts on the yoga mat. When I step on my mat it grounds me. When I step off my mat I am lighter, I breath better, I feel better, I am a better version of myself. To work within yoga and health is my greatest dream come true. It is my path I commit to with gratitude, integrity and a promise to myself that I will never stop learning. Always with a humble hand on my heart.

What drives you?

I am motivated by how I feel on the inside when I achieve something I have been working hard for. It feels so rewarding and makes me want to keep challenge myself. It can for example be working towards a yoga pose and then finally get the technique, strength and flexibility just right to translate the pose into my own body. Or it can be working hard on my yoga company and get more and more bookings. That makes me go “this is fun! What’s next?”

What’s next in training?

I believe training used to be very much about only the visible results. That is not the case anymore. Today training is more about being strong so you can stay healthy. We have started to take care of the mind as well as the body, and I believe training will continue to move more towards that direction. 

What makes you happy?

When I feel synced in my body. That’s when I’m at harmony and tuned in. It can for example be finding a good rhythm when running, or flow with my breath in yoga. Then I feel really strong and at peace. And of course, my 2 year old always know how to put a smile on my face!

How do you create balance in your life?

It’s tough to create balance, and I would be lying if I said I was in balance all of the time. But I think it’s important to identify your cornerstones in life and then make sure you find your own personal mix of balance between them. My four cornerstones are yoga, a good sweat, my family and my work. I always plan my weeks ahead so I can make sure to fit all of them in appropriate.

What’s one piece of kit you could not live without?

My yoga mat and a pair of black leggings. You can never go wrong in a pair of black leggings! In stressful and travelling times it can be hard to fit in my own practice. So I have taken for habit to always have my mat close as a reminder to take a couple of minutes out of the day for myself.

What are your goals for the future?

I want to continue working within health and wellness. At the moment, I’m very fortunate to work with some really great people within the industry. I’m trying to soak up as much as I can, and hopefully one day when I return back home to Stockholm I will be able to share all of my experiences, maybe by opening my second yoga studio :)

Who inspires you and why?

I’m inspired by all of the people who are fierce and passionate about what they do. I am also inspired by my yoga students. Seeing them grow their practice is so incredibly rewarding, especially when you’ve been with them for a longer time. Nothing here in life is free, you see people being able to do something and you think they are born with it, or it comes easier for them. No, that’s not the case, they can do it because they’ve put in the work. We all have to put in the work in order to achieve, and I am inspired by all those people who do just that - work hard.

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