Body Sculpting with Monica

Monica is a certified Pilates- and Yoga instructor based in sunny California. Monica is also opening a new studio in Oslo with a lot of different concepts. Based on her knowledge and experience, Monica has developed a new training concept called Body Sculpting. 

Monica is a certified Pilates and Reformer instructor, and a Hatha, Chakra and Yin yoga teacher. Based on her knowledge in these fields, Monica has developed a new training concept called Body Sculpting, which includes light weights, ankle weights and lots of repetitions, and is according to her pretty much the best of the body workout world. She has a holistic concept to life, loves macrobiotic food, and holds workshops about essential oils, mala making, and chakra healing. She also runs a feel-good workout blog and will launch her third book in the fall of 2017.

Workout is feel-good and healing art, not performance.

Monica Øien

What is your best training tips?

Do some work every day.

What's your favorite type of training?

I am currently living in California and here the low impact training is very popular. It is also my favorite wat of working out and I like to do everything from body sculpting, large fitness, and yoga, to hiking and swimming.

Best Casall tool and why?

I never travel anywhere without my ankle and wrist weights, with them I can do a full hours of toning low impact classes.

What does top performance mean to you?

Top performance means to always listen to where you are right now and make the best out of what you do. It should feel good, do you great, and make you happy during and afterwards. It’s meant for you and you own life balance. 

What does Life In Balance mean to you?

My philosophy is that you always need to include these 3 aspects when you want more balance in your life: 
Your body - this is where you live. You need to listen, nourish, cherish, appreciate and use it
Your mind - Always be a student, searching for exciting things to learn, renew and improve 
Your Spirituality - Being aware, listening to your needs, being honest and self-caring is important to motivate you in life. Your spirituality is your own life source and energy. 


For a balanced and integrated life you need to work on 3 areas; your body, your mind and your spirituality!

Monica Øien