SKY training with Shirin

Dedicated to help you in the best possible way to a healthier, more active, stronger, happier and fit life. I share all my best tips, knowledge and skills to guide you on your journey. 

Strength is health / Shirin 💜

I have been training and staying active my whole life. Running, playing tennis, lifting weights, riding my bike or doing something else active. It´s a lifestyle and a part of my daily routines plus it makes me feel so good and happy. 

The physical body always needs challenges. That is what it´s build for. Not sitting still in front of the computer. We need to be active in all kind of ways, every day. Always. If we do not use the body, the way it´s designed for, it will slowly become ill. The mental part is as important as the physical. I repeat. It´s as important. If not even more important. We need to feed it every day by being nice to ourselves, thinking positive thoughts, hang around with nice people that gives us energy, breath, and give ourselves time to reflect. Just give yourself a moment every day to just land where you stand.

What is your view on training?

Everybody needs to move and get active, that´s why it´s so important to make it fun and a part of your every day lifestyle. 

What is your best training memory?

When I played on the high school tennis team in North Carolina. We had such a good time with the team. The spirit was high and the whole experience with being seeded number one on the school team was great fun.

How do you brace yourself for a workout, a day when you feel reluctant?

I don´t have to motivate myself, because I know that my training makes me feel so good. If I have one day that I really don´t feel lika working out, I don´t do it. It´s important to find balance in your way at looking at your lifestyle. I work out all year long and can´t imagine not to. It´s all about finding your balance and feeling good.

Get active – it´s always a win win

Shirin Djavidi