Yoga with Johanna

Mobility and stability. Physically. Mentally. Energetically. And everything in between. Yoga is the mainstay that anchors me in everyday life and allows me to listen to the inside instead of acting on external factors. 

Effortlessness. Heart. Freedom. Ease. Meditation. Movement. Flow.

Johanna is a full time yoga instructor and runs the studio FLOW in Gothenburg. She has a long background in teaching physical training, gym coordinator and lecturer. Movement has always been a big part of her life as a former dancer and soccer player. She has been teaching all kinds of fitness classes for ten years and her heart is now fully in yoga and mobility. 

Creativity. Movement. Presence. A grounding powerful source for being in the now, for being honest, for being authentic. That is yoga for me. It is a place where the inner me meets the outer me. The polarities that gives space for everything in between. Effortlessness. Heart. Freedom. Ease.
Johanna Alvin

Physical and mental challenges have always been a passion for Johanna. To help and support people to use their full potential is a gift to be able to share. Johanna teaches from all layers, the inside out and outside in, for a strong, functional, multidimensional mind and body. For every class or client there is a mix of scientific research, experience and a connected felt of sense.

Why do you practice yoga?

I practice yoga to keep focus, keep my physical body strong and my mind sharp. It creates space for me to grow and stay present. It’s an ease that carries me. My practice is a lifestyle, some days it’s breathing, meditation or asanas and some days it is all of it. It is a way of life that keeps me healthy and vibrant on all levels. Inside and outside.

What is your best training tips?

To use your whole body, every dimension of it. Cardio, strength, mobility, recovery and stillness. And to use both your physical body and mental body to bring out all of your skills. Find your starting point and start from there. Don´t quit. Be curious. Have patience. Use the balance between recovery and pushing your limits.

My favourite yoga mat is the cork mat. Perfect grip for sweaty hands and if not, just spray a little water, and it´s great. It lays really steady and safe on the floor and carries every move smoothly. Good for the environment. Good for your practice.

The best mat for traveling or events is definitely the Motion print mat. Really light to bring and the best grip there is in a thin yoga mat. It´s one of my favourites and I always bring it with me to classes at other studios, company yoga and so on and it’s a really good mat to start your own practice with if you´re a beginner.

My favourite tools are the Yoga Wheel and Rubber Bands. The wheel gives me both stability and strenght and at the same time the flexibility along my spine and upper body. "You are only as old as your spine is flexible". The rubber bands are really good for developing my running and also to find good alignment and anatomy in my yoga practice. 

Listen to your body. Give it daily movement routine. Challenge it. Recharge it. It will make your whole being, body and mind, like a wave following the everyday flow.
Johanna Alvin