Casall Care

By always caring for your products you can extend their average lifetime. Below you will find some ideas on how to take extra good care of your Casall products.

Care Instructions - WEAR


It is important not to use too much detergent. Overdosing can cause unwanted consequences to both the environment and your body, such as skin irritation.

Fabric softener

Functional material should not be washed with softener since it reduces both its elasticity and ability to transport moisture.

Have in mind

Washing too hot, strong centrifuge and tumble-drying can damage details in the garment. Think twice before washing and try airing your clothes. Sometimes hanging your sportswear to air outside can be enough to refresh.

Care Instructions - TOOL

Exercise equipment

Always use a mild soap solution for cleaning, no harsh chemicals. Avoid storing your exercise machine in direct sunlight or in hot, humid, dusty or dirty environments.


Lubricate with silicone oil under the carpet a few times a year. Vacuum the engine room on a regular basis.

Work out gloves in leather

Use a damp cloth to wipe away any stains. When cleaned the leather needs to be moisturized with leather grease, apply it with a dry and clean cloth and leave overnight. Wipe off excess grease with a lint free cloth.

Yoga/Gym mat

Hand wash in lukewarm water with a mild soap solution and a lint free cloth. Hang the mat to dry freely.

Reuse and recycle


If in a good condition, donate to charity or give to someone you care about.

Recycle WEAR

Reuse as a cloth or sort as combustible waste.

Recycle TOOL

Training machines - sort as electrical waste and hand in to nearest recycling center.

Training products - hand in to nearest recycling center and sort in accordance to the recycling center's instructions.