Welcome to the world of Casall.

For over 30 years we have created high end training wear and equipment. Always based on passion for quality and design. Always for people who are serious about their training – and look. Because we believe training and fashion belong together.


Our Tool assortment has a holistic approach – ranging from the innovatively designed soft kettle bell to award winning yoga mats, progressive HIT tools and specialist recovery and warm-up gear. We have developed some guides to help you choose and use the different Tools.
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Need some new training inspirations - we got you covered! We have used our community to develop workouts that will keep you motivated.
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The heart and soul of Casall is the incredible athletes and trainers we collaborate with. Read their inspiring stories here.      
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As the founders of Sweden’s first women’s gym in 1984, our heritage is in personal, cross-functional, holistic training. We believe in creating harmony between the Heart, Body and Soul. And we’ve been partnering with athletes and personal trainers ever since to create some of the best holistic training Tools and Sportswear on the market.
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"Sustainability comes naturally at Casall"

- Carl-Axel Surtevall
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Meet our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are full of confidence, strength and determination, and years of experience that they would love to share. As experts in their field they always strive to support you to make the smartest choice for your training. 
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Minds in Motion

The Minds In Motion are the emerging entrepreneurs, creatives, producers, writers, founders, directors and executives who push boundaries to reimagine what we can expect from the future of progressive personal performance.

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