The design story behind our ultimate all-round training tights.

“The purpose was to make the perfect tights that could be used for everything - yoga, weight training, running, cruising around town, at the office - you name it, we’ve tried it in Sculpture! Hell, we’ve even surfed in them.”   

Malin Källström, Technical Designer @  Casall


Where did the Inspiration come from?

We started this project because we wanted to create the ‘perfect’ tights. Combining both the shaping and compression effects in the same style. With the strength, flexibility and functional versatility to be used for everything - yoga, weight training, running, cross-fit, around town, at the office.

From this jumping off point, and using his vast experience of the textile industry, Carl-Axel (owner of Casall), started his search for the perfect fabric. “We made a lot of different tests and trials to find the functional fabric, pattern construction and desired fit”. As with all our fabric innovations, Carl-Axel has been deeply involved from the beginning and his knowledge of textile properties and performance has been influential in the product development.

We wanted to create a pair of tights that would both help shape and support the body and muscles - making a pair of tights that gave a light compression feeling while sculpting the body and emphasizing a woman’s natural curves.

What fabric technology that makes them so special?

We are using an exclusive high-tech fabric, manufactured in Italy. It has an unusually high content of Lycra making the tights supportive, strong and flexible. Plus, the fabric is constructed quite flat on the surface which evens out the skin and dries really quickly.

We are using the fabric in a special way to take advantage of the extraordinary 4-way stretch properties – meaning, the tights are extremely flexible and comfortable. The tights offer a fluid range of movement but still provide good support and sculpture effects. By including a larger amount of Lycra in the fabric we deliver strong shape-recovery when you take them off so they last longer and are more durable.

The technical construction is also different when comparing to our other tights. We have designed an original pattern cut and added a tape on the side following the contours of the female form to highlight the natural curves of the body.


Innovation by its very nature requires failure. With Sculpture… the simple fact that we strive to do something completely original, untested, complex and technical means that some challenges are inevitable. And so it has been. We’ve experienced some performance and stability issues in the past that we have now resolved. In fact, we’ve been very open about this, taken responsibility and positively addressed the problems though design updates. And internally we have even celebrated our failure with Sculpture in the design team because it proves to us that we are being true to our independent and innovative spirit. To create something truly original is hard work and it takes time. But Sculpture is back, and we are relaunching it now to prove that we have the best tights in the world. 


What is new with Sculpture 2.0?

Our original Sculpture tights had a unique composition of material, design and construction. This season we’ve relaunched Sculpture with some technical refinements and details to make the best tights even better. We’ve added a denser material to the backside to counteract the risk of being see-through. We have a unique seasonal pattern in bold alligator print and we are adding Sculpture Boost to the family.

Sculpture BOOST is an exclusive derivative product with all the classic Sculpture characteristics, with some special features for those who wants that little extra. We have added distinctive design details and reinforced zones to give extraordinary support and boost to the body. Simply put the Boost is our finely tuned limited-edition Sculpture tights for the progressive high-performance power woman.  

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