Join our Booty challenge!

"Shaping your Booty will not just benefit your looks, it will change and improve how you perform in every sport."  

- Frida Hallqvist, Casall ambassador.

Casall Training

Working your glutes and Shaping your Booty will benefit your entire body. Whether for good looks or sporting performance. Glute training should be at the forefront of everyone's training program.

For five weeks we will together with Frida Hallqvist post a Booty challenge, which will help you achieve a stronger and better-looking booty. We are starting on Saturday, are you with us?


Boost your training with the #CasallBootyChallenge! The second challenge and this week you will have the chance to win the ultimate Booty Kit for you and a friend. Just follow us on Instagram and tag a friend in the comment field below. And don't forget to share your thoughts. Enjoy! @fridahallqvist #casall #itmatters#bootytraining


Casall Booty Challenge week 5! The last challenge and this is a tough one where @fridahallqvist incorporates our ankle weights. Super versatile and really good for strengthening your glutes. Who is with us? Share your progress by using #casallbootychallenge. Let's kick off this Saturday! #casall #itmatters#bootytraining