How to choose your Sports bra.

Casall offers a variety of different sport bra models, each with unique characteristics. Your sports bra should feel right for you. The best way to choose the correct Sports bra for you is of course to try it on, we recommend running on the spot, jumping, and stretching while testing the fit. However, we have put together some points to help you guide you in the search for the perfect match. You should also remember that it is not only one choice, actually there can be different Sport bras that suits different occasions.


The right support matters! Most women wear their bra with a band that’s too loose and a cup that’s too small. When it comes to a sports bra, most of the support should come from the band, not from straps that are too tight.

How can I find my size?

Start by measuring below your bust (B), as you can see on the image below. Then use the table to find your size. Some of our Sport bras have sizes from 70-95 and some use XS-L sizes, you can easily transform your measurement to both variations by using the chart.

What is my cup size?

Measure the fullest part of your chest (A). You then deduct the (B) measurement from (A). For example, if your (A) measurement is 90 you then deduct 75 (B) you then get 15cm which means that you should have a B-cup as you can see in the table.




Different activities require different levels of support. There’s no doubt that movement in yoga can be entirely different from movement in your gym workouts, so we designed specific support-systems for your asanas and your squats—and everything in between.

You can select your perfect bra based on size and adjustability of straps, feel and function of fabrics, and elastic widths—to name a few. Some bras feature wider straps for more support, and others have sporty straps in racerback and shoulder styles. Our Zip Bra has a sporty zipper mid-bust for fashionable flair with a functional fit. You can choose from fabrics for breathability, and cups for definition. Like we said—the possibilities really are infinite. This is why we’ve created a range of sports bras that cater to various wants and needs when it comes to choosing the right sports bra for your chosen activities. We divide them in BODY, SOUL and HEART.



For mid-impact activities, like cycling, skiing, and core training, go for a BODY bra.

HeartBodySoul_brasArtboard 1.jpg

CONFIDENCE SPORTS BRA – It’s easy on and easy off with this zip-front medium-impact sports bra. Formed padding in the front provides good support with wireless comfort, so you can focus on your training not your bra.

GLARING SPORTS BRA – This medium-impact sports bra features a wireless underwire to add shape, support, and a feminine silhouette. With a cut-out back and formed padding in the front, this bra allows you to sweat in style.

GLORIOUS SPORTS BRA – A great medium-support sports bra. With light padding so you don’t feel naked, and thin sporty straps, it gives you the freedom to dance, stretch, and move as you please.

DASHING SPORTS BRA – this medium-impact sports bra features a wireless underwire to add shape, support, and a feminine silhouette. With a cut-out back and formed padding in the front, this bra allows you to sweat in style.



Our SOUL bras were designed for lower impact activities, like yoga, pilates, power walking, and golf.

HeartBodySoul_brasArtboard 3.jpg

SMOOTH SPORTS BRA – The seamless comfort and gentle support of the Smooth Sports Bra will have you in the zen state of mind from the moment you slip it on. Perfect for yoga, long walks in the archipelago or simply when you want to dress to move.

HOT YOGA SPORTS TOP – This sports bra is specially designed for the ladies who like to sweat! With a high neckline, thin shoulder straps, and soft and wide bottom elastics, this bra provides great flexibility and a soft feel with maximum breathability.



Our HEART bras are designed for higher impact activity, with support and comfort as the main priorities. HEART bras are perfect for running, Crossfit, and HIITHeartBodySoul_brasArtboard 2.jpg

ICONIC SPORTS BRA – Is our original sports bra. It’s an all-purpose sports bra that can be used for anything. It’s incredibly supportive, but still super soft, leaving you feeling comfortably secure. We call it the Iconic because, well it is.

WOOL ICONIC SPORTS BRA - Our original sports bra with the warmth of wool for cold weather training. It’s an all-purpose sports bra that can be used for anything. It’s incredibly supportive, but soft and warm, leaving you feeling comfortably secure.

HEROIC SPORTS BRA – The name says it all! This high impact sports bra features shaped seams for perfect fit and exceptional support, a wide racerback and double closure in the back.

HIGH CONTROL SPORTS BRA – This is our ultimate sports bra for high-impact training. With shaped seams to create a custom fit, adjustable straps in the front and back, foam lining for shape and coverage, and non-stretch lining for maximum support, you’ll wonder why you ever went running in anything else.


Our BODY sports bras are specifically designed for medium-impact training such as strength training, cycling, skiing, and core training.

“It makes me both feel and look strong”





Our SOUL sports bras are specifically designed for low-impact training such as yoga, pilates, power walking, or golf.

“It's so important! It needs to be comfortable, yet supportive”




Our HEART sports bras are specifically designed for high-impact training such as running, Crossfit, horseback riding and HIIT. 

“A bad Sports bra makes me irritated because it hinders my performance”






  1. When you train without a proper sports bra your breasts can move sideways, in and out and up and down, by as much as 20 centimetres. 

  2. There are no muscles in your breasts. They’re supported only by skin and a network of ligaments that weave throughout the beast and attach to the chest wall. Breast sagging, which is irreversible, occurs when these ligaments are overstretched.

  3. With an ordinary bra, breast movement is reduced by around 35%, while a sports bra reduces movement by more than 70%.

  4. Sports bras lose their elasticity over time. Just like training shoes, they need to be changed regularly.

  5. Different activities – and physiques – require different types of support. Casall has a solution to meet most needs.

To learn more, and for help selecting the right sports bra, come and speak to our staff that are experts at our Grev Turegatan  in Stockholm or at Illum Department store in Copenhagen.