Get Stronger with Carolina

Variation is key. Mix different types of training forms like running, strength training, dance, yoga and most important be sure to have fun while doing it. Let training be a part of your life and your daily routines to achieve balance and wellbeing. 

Carolina works as a professional personal trainer at Fresh Fitness, cycle and lagree instructor at Be.Core and she teaches dance at the Stockholm School of the Arts. Carolina has a long background in dance and has worked as a professional dancer for many years. She studied at two of the most prestige dance schools in Sweden, Balettakademin in Gothenburg and The School of Dance. She also has a degree from Safe Education. 

I take care of my body by giving it strength through mental and physical training.  

Carolina Lopez

What is your best training tips?

Variation. Mix all kinds of different workouts and have fun while doing it. 

What is your favorite Casall tool?

The Exetube. As a dancer and instructor I work a lot with posture and as a personal training I always strive to build up my clients' back. You can do so many exercises with the Extube to strengthen the smaller muscles and at the same time improve flexibility in the back and shoulders. The Extube is also easy to bring when travelling or to use at work or at home.

Today I will love myself enough to workout.  

Carolina Lopez