Dance it out with Cecilia

Cecilia is a dancer and actress educated at Balettakademien and Calle Flygare in Stockholm. She is now freelancing as a dancer and working as a barre instructor at Be.core. She loves to share her passion for dance and training with others in a very expressive way! 

Never give up.  

Cecilia Arbeus 

What’s your best training tips?

Training is a way of life in the same way as we breath, eat and sleep! It has to be fun and something that makes you feel good about yourself. Find the training that brings you well-being and follow your inner compass.

What's your favorite type of training?

Dance and barre is my favorite training and I am so grateful to be able to do that for a living and share my passion with others. 

Best Casall tool and why?

The hard rubber band is perfect for training all muscles around the legs in a fun and hard way. It's so good for me as a dancer to keep my turn out strong and train those deep muscles that often can be hard to find.

What does top performance mean to you?

For me the key for top performance is true passion that comes from within. 

What does Life In Balance mean to you?

Life is a rollercoaster and you never know what's behind the corner, so you have to take care of yourself and find strength and peace in the moment for a balanced life.

Be present, friend with your past and excited about your future.

Cecilia Arbeus