Our Mini bands have a fabric cover for extra durability and comfort. They are also a little wider than traditional rubber bands. It can be wise to start with the light version (reference resistance 8kg) before changing to medium (10kg) or hard (12kg) - they are sure to give you that extra challenge that you are after! 



Try this workout at home or at the gym - it doesn't take more than half an hour. Do the exercises for 20 repetitions x 4 laps.



Mini Band Squat 1.jpg  Mini Band Squat 2.jpg

Place the Mini Band around your knees, stand shoulder wide apart, engage your core and squat down. As you change directions and come back up make sure to press away the floor and drive your hip to the front. Squeeze your glutes at the top of the exercise. Make sure you’re rotation your knees away from your body throughout the exercise.

TRAIN WITH tip: By pressing the Mini Band away from the center of your body you’re working the sides of your glutes a little extra.


2. MINI BAND CLAM 2 Miniband clam_720X400_KRAKEN.jpg 

2-2 Miniband clam_720X400_KRAKEN.jpg

Lite down on your side with bent legs. Keep your knees slightly in front of you. Engage your core. Open up the upper knee as much as you can and come back. Repeat. Try to stay completely still with your hips.



2 Miniband glute bridge_720x400.jpg

 2-2 Miniband glute bridge_720x400.jpg

Lie down on the floor with your feet placed under your hips and your arms on the floor next to your body. Put the mini band around your knees. Press your glutes up against the ceiling come slightly down and then press up again.



Donkey Kicks 1.jpg  Donkey kicks 2.jpg

Stand on all four, make sure you’re joints are stacked under each other, hands under shoulders and knees under hips. Engage your core, your abs should try hold you in the same position throughout the exercise. Don’t arch your back at the top. Put the mini band around your knees and make sure that the mat and you knee is holding the mini band on the floor. With your other leg press up as high as possible and push upwards. Slightly come down and then repeat.