Privacy Policy

It is important for us at Casall to create a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for you. We want to inform you about how our site is working, what we do, how we do it and how it can affect you.

Personal Information

When you shop at it can happen that we collect personal information about you, this occurs when you place an order at, when you sign up for our newsletter and by the use of cookies. We take your privacy seriously and will handle your personal information carefully and in accordance with Swedish "Personuppgiftslagen (1998:204)" (Personal information law).

What kind of information are we collection?

This information is used by Casall to make sure that we service you in the best possible manner and give you the service that you expect from us. The information is used to be able to deliver your products, notify you that the package is on it's way but also to send directed offers and send newsletter.

You can take part of your saved information and adjust or delete these at any time. You can also register for future offers.

What is Cookies?

Cookies are text files that are stored on your hard drive when you are visiting different sites. We use cookies for purposes as web functionality, web statistics and marketing. The cookies that we use does not collect any information that can be used to track or identify individuals.

You can disable already collected cookies on your computor by changing the setting for cookies in your browser.

Why do we use cookies?

Some cookies are necessary for the site to function optimally. This kind of cookies keep track of your settings and make your shopping experience more convenient by for example recognizing your preferences and settings.

Other cookies are used to collect information such as how long you are visiting our site, what pages you have been in to, if an order has been placed or demographical information such as origin, gender or age. This type of information is used for analyzing purposes and make possible for us to create the best possible shopping experience for you.

This parties

The information we collect may be shared with our close partners for analytical purposes. No personal data will, however, be passed on, changed or published outside of our organization and our partners.

Casall förmedlar aldrig dina uppgifter till tredje part i marknadsföringssyfte, dock kan vi förmedla dina uppgifter för att kunna uppfylla våra åtaganden mot dig. Till exempel kan Casall förmedla adressuppgifter till våra speditörer i samband med leverans, samt dina personuppgifter till organisationer som hjälper oss med kreditupplysningar.

Casall never share such information to third parties for marketing purposes, however, we may share your information in order to fulfill our commitments to you. For example, Casall share address information to our logistics partner for delivery purposes, as well as your personal information to organizations that help us with payments.


By submitting any reviews at you give Casall the right to publish them on and in other media. Casall reserves the right not to publish and / or delete the submitted reviews.