"Sustainability comes naturally at Casall"

- Carl-Axel Surtevall

Innovation is at the core of what we do. From fabric choices to technical features and fit, every decision is rooted in evolving our designs to bring out your better. Our conscious choice promise is to deliver high quality and high standards in everything we do, which includes our sustainability practices. Above all, we’re dedicated to creating the most beautiful product designs for both people AND the planet.


Over 35 years of training knowledge, experience and innovation stands behind our brand. And our singleminded vision to deliver superior quality while reducing impact on the planet has not changed from day one. Why? Our purpose is simple: to be a little bit better today than we were yesterday, every single day. From product development to personal training and environmental sustainability… our mantra is always “Forever Better”.



We share the same positive and progressive values as our consumers by taking responsibility for and being engaged in the world around us.

Caring means safeguarding every individual. Providing safety and security as well as respecting and including all people. It means feeling empathy and sharing with those who are most vulnerable. Becoming involved with others and trying to see to the needs of every individual.

All Casall products, services and experiences are shaped by the spirit that we really care, partly about our own well-being, where training and living a healthy lifestyle are essential and equally as much about our common future. We have made a commitment to build a forever better world for our children.

Our goal is always to deliver high quality products with respect for human rights and with great sensitivity to the environment.



Our business success is based on a healthy, happy and strong society. And our priority is to always work with high ethical business standards, at all levels of the company.

We achieve this through long term supply chain partnership agreements and policies built on shared values. By treating our employees with respect and investing in their futures through a generous wellness package, personal coaching and development training.

Our responsibility is to consistently act with high business ethics, valuing openness, honesty and integrity and at all times and making sure that our business is aligned with our strong ethical compass.



We have a progressive approach to environmental ethics, meaning we nurture a deep-rooted desire to improve things. Including how we manufacture our products and how the product reaches the consumer in the best possible way.

We are never done with reducing our negative environmental footprint on the planet. Instead we strive to consistently meet and improve all applicable requirements of our responsibility as producers - throughout the total lifecycle of the product; from planning to manufacturing to recycling.






Since 1984 Casall has been one of the most pioneering sports brands on the planet. We want to lead by example, designing, producing and delivering according to sustainable principles because we want to care for the world we live in.


Adopting a holistic approach to your workout routine nourishes your body and your mind. We believe that it’s our responsibility to produce sustainable, high quality, ethical and environmentally friendly training products. Better for you. Better for our planet.


A connection to humanity is at the heart of everything we do. And putting people first has a profound impact on the choices we make. From the products we create, to where we make them and how they are delivered. We choose consciously.


We live and breathe an honest and respectful business. We produce mindfully, with intelligence and a conscience. We hold ourselves accountable for our ethical and environmental standards and welcome the opportunity to show you what we do.


By training and consuming with a conscience, you are choosing to invest in the long-term health of the planet, strength of society and the happiness and wellbeing of your family



Our aim is that all our products should meet the Conscious Choice* criteria in the future. Today about 15% of the collection is defined conscious by Casall’s rigorous standard.

*Conscious Choice = Produced of recycled, biodegradeable, or renewable raw materials (Tencel, Bio polyamide, organic cotton, cork, PVC free whenever possible and BPA free) with as little environmental impact as possible.