This booklet will guide you how to complete some effective exercises for your booty shared by our Casall training expert Frida Hallqvist. The exercises and programs have been designed to inspire and help you boost your training. It will help to give you are more functionalbody, improve strength and therefore make you look and feel good

Why a Casall Booty workout guide?

Whether for aesthetics or sporting performance, glute training should be at the forefront of everyone’s training program. It goes without saying that a strong set of glutes are desirable from a confidence and an aesthetic point of view, but there are a couple of, potentially more important, reasons to develop buns of steel:

  • BACK PAIN. Physios will generally tell you that the most common disfunction they see in people with lower back pain is inactive glutes,this is often also the cause of knee pain. Strengthen and activate your glutes and you’ll hugely reduce the stress on your spine which has been causing you pain!
  • ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE. Glutes, along with hamstrings, are responsible for the hip extension movement, which is the most force you can generate as a human being. Develop your glutes and you will become faster, stronger and more powerful in your field of sport.
"Shaping your Booty will not just benefit your looks, it will change and improve how you perform in every sport."

Frida Hallqvist, Casall ambassador



The equipment needed is very suitable to use at home or bring along if you travel. We recommend you to start with a Yoga mat with well cushioning to help you through the most challenging exercises. Or if you are after an extra challenge add extra weight to intensify your workout, we rocemmend wrist or ankle weights.