Casall Trainer of Tomorrow Anna Kähler is spending a full summer in the city; read about how she explores a new city through movement, including her best urban training tips.

Are you spending the summer in the city while everyone else is away on vacation or out on the country side? Fun, because you have a whole city to explore, whether it’s a new city or one you’ve been to before.

What’s the best way to explore? Through movement. There is no better way to connect with a city. Use training to see the city and to find those hidden places you might only find if you get lost running, or take a long walk through the city. More than that, it’s always nice to stay healthy during the summer holidays, so you feel good inside and out when going back to your routines at the end of summer. Let´s do this!

How to combine urban movement and lifestyle?

There are 3 keys that will help you keep your summer training on track and make you an urban trainer this summer. Write them down and try incorporating them into your daily life this summer, I promise you will not regret it!

1. Walk Everywhere

When you are going to a place, try keep as a rule that you walk there whenever possible. Walking is good for your health, creativity and can improve your mood, and at the same time you get to see the city. Remember to walk for the joy of it, not for the performance. Stop in at a cute coffee shop, grab a coffee and continue your walk. It’s always great to combine movement with pleasure.

2. Find gaps for movement

Urban movement is all about seeing the opportunities for training in an urban environment - everyday. The city might be going in a fast pace during the day, then wake up a bit earlier than the city to do your training. Go out for a morning run to get your training done while you enjoy the sunrise, and grab breakfast on the go on your way home. Or if you prefer the city pulse, go out for a short run during your lunch break to feel the life. 5K is enough to get your energy level up and body and mind in balance. Moreover it’s effective to work out during lunch if you have a lot of other things on your agenda. Win win situation!

3. Choose an outfit with function and style

Last but not least, the outfit for the day is more important than you think. My tip is to put on an outfit that is both functional and fashionable. By doing this, you can take the day as it comes. Walk to every spot still feeling comfortable, or just look stylish when meeting a friend during the day. Or maybe even drop by at the gym if you find some extra time during the day, it is all up to you!

When is the best time to do your Urban training?

1. Wake up with the City

My personal favorite, running in the morning. Prepare your workout clothes the night before, and when the alarm goes off, jump into your outfit and get going. Don’t think about it too much, just go out. Sometimes, do not even plan your running, run to the water if you feel like, or to the city centre, then run back. Or if you’ve spotted a breakfast place that looks good, have that as your running destination. 3K or 10K, it’s all about the feeling and joy of running.

2. Explore the City

Are you having day off? Take the opportunity to explore the city, go shopping or just do some “sightseeing”. Put on your urban training outfit and walk. Walk to explore and stop by wherever you feel like. Maybe even stop by at a gym you find interesting, or a new yoga studio. Be spontaneous and open minded, combining the city life with staying active.

3. Wind down with the City

After a long day of work, or just a day off in the city, go out for an evening walk or run. See the sunset and the city lights, feel the calm after a day full of activity. After the run or walk, maybe grab a tea to go to bring to a peaceful spot in the city.  Sit down, breathe, feel the air and appreciate the time you get for yourself. I often feel very relaxed and joyful after a "wind-down workout" like this.

After all, the city might not be full of people during summer, but the urban environment is still full of opportunities to explore, enjoy and relax. Make the most out of your summer in the city through urban movement as summer training! It´s good for the heart, body and soul. Good luck!