Bianca Salming

Track and field Sweden

Track and field

What does Forever Better mean to you?

Forever Better for me directly got me thinking about my individual training and competition. To always give 100% and always try to improve yourself physically and mentally. But you can also think forever better in every situation in life, be a better friend, live a better life, create better things...

How does your training routine look like?

I train track and field and therefore there is a lot of technical things to train and is a very specialized sport. But during the winter time there is a lot of tough training session, with everything from intervals to weights and strength. 

What are your goals for the future?

My main Goal is just to become the best Heptathlete in the world... (muliti events in track and field).

What’s one piece of kit you could not live without?

I love rubber bands because I think they are perfect for all kinds of training and warm ups. Also they are easy to bring with you.. ;-)

Why is Rest and Recovery important to your performance?

My Rest and Recovery is absolutely the most important thing for me. To be able to train as much as I want to and to be able to give 100%  in every situation, I need to be sure that I’m fully ready for the next training or competition. Both in body and mind.