Whatever the weather, your stride is supported with technical solutions in our running clothes. From friction-minimizing properties in our tights to windproof qualities in our jackets, you’re free to perfect your pace.



Casall offers a variety of different sport bra models, each with unique characteristics. When it comes to high-impact training such as running, Crossfit, horseback riding and HIIT it is especially important to have the right support so it won't hinder your performance.

Introducing the ultimate 'High Control' Running Bra

Best in test, I FORM 2019

This is our ultimate sports bra for high-impact training. With shaped seams to create a custom fit, adjustable straps in the front and foam lining for shape and coverage, and non-stretch lining for maximum support, you’ll wonder why you ever went running in anything else. High Control Sports Bra is available in size 70-85 and you can choose between C, D and E-cup.

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Run with the wind in technical gear designed to keep you warm and dry, whatever the weather.

”Wool is the perfectly natural fabric choice for exercising outdoors in cold weather. It absorbs moisture very well and provides warmth even when damp”

Malin Källström, Technical designer at Casall


To add strength and rest & recovery training can really help you to take your running to the next level. it will reduce the risk of injuries and you will get a greater control over your body which will result in better running technique.

Strength training to become a better Runner - go to workout.