5 Tips for training at home

Anna Kahler is one of Casall’s ambassadors, and is sharing her top tips for how to manage training at home during the holidays.

Summer is coming to its end and autumn is around the corner! It’s the perfect time to get back to routines, or start new ones! Maybe you know you´ll have a busy autumn and sometimes no time to visit the gym?

The solution: A Workout at home! No excuses! It’s easy, it’s effective, but most importantly, you deserve it!

Take a break in between work, meetings, socializing or before starting the day in order to work on your mental and physical strength and energy. Make the best of the situation and see the opportunities. Try to be creative, create your little corner of movement at home, and decide what you need. Maybe it is a killing sweat session, some relaxation or recovery.

To inspire and get you going, here are my 5 favorite tips for working out at home!

1. Sweat session with Tabata

Feeling for a fast, yet effective workout? Then Tabata is perfect. It will make your heart rate increase and sweat drops start in a very short time. I prefer to do Tabata barefoot on my Casall yoga mat, in order to get extra contact with smaller muscles, and practice some balance at the same time.

If you want to put together a Tabata for yourself, you can easily do so. Choose 6 moves/exercises;
For example: Jump squat, Burpees, Mountain climbers, Russian twists, Plank, Sit-ups. Decide and write them down before starting. Be creative and have fun with it.

When you start with the first exercise, workout for 20 sec, rest 10 sec and repeat 8 times, which gives you 4 minutes in total for each exercise. You move on to the next exercise and in the end, you have been active for 24 minutes. And for sure the sweat will drop!

Grab your yoga mat and get started! Or, treat yourself with a new one? You deserve it! You can find Casall Yoga mat selection here.

2. Relax with yoga

When I am in need to calm down and let go of stress, I prefer to do yoga. As a perfect start to the day, or before going to bed, and the only space you need is your yoga mat. Relax, Breathe, Be aware of the moment, as well as working on increasing strength, mobility and flexibility at the same time. A win-win movement.

During autumn, I prefer to practice yoga on my yoga mat with lighted candles to get extra harmonious and calm. Maybe feeling for a more playful type of yoga? have fun with the yoga wheel.

3. Booty burner with resistance band

When feeling for a booty burner? Then resistance band is my best friend for home training. Focus on building strength and power for running, upcoming ski trips or other adventures, and sculpture your booty at the same time. I prefer to do a trio-workout. Which means only 3 exercises, times rounds, 15 reps each time.

So you start with placing the resistance band over your knees. Example of workout:

Exercise 1: 15 jump squats with the band. Cardio and legs.
Exercise 2: Kick-backs with the band, 15 reps each leg. Focus on contact with your booty.
Exercise 3: Lunges with the band where you kick-back in the end of the lunge before you go up and change leg. 15/leg.

Remember, it is not about quantity, it is about the quality of every move you make. Resistance bands comes in many different shapes and levels, see the range here. Only your bodyweight and resistance band is needed.

4. Strengthen Core and improve Posture

Do a short ab-session in order to work on your stability, balance, and your posture. No equipment needed other than a yoga mat, only some motivational music and a few exercises.

My advice here is to not make it too complicated. Go back to basics and focus on quality in each exercise. Plank, side-plank, sit-ups, long leg lifts or mountain climbers. A trio-workout here is also my advice for a fast, burning workout: 3 exercises, 15 reps, 3 rounds.

5. Recover with foam rolling

Last tip, don’t forget a recovery session. Movement does not always have to mean sweat or strength training. Sometimes, what your body needs is recovery! Give yourself a moment of foam rolling. To prevent injuries, de-stress, increase your flexibility and prepare your body for more movement.

If you haven’t used rollers before, I recommend that you start with foam rolling and when you want to take it to the next level change to tube rolls – you can find your favorite here.

If you prefer, you can combine the workouts to make a longer session. Maybe start with Tabata and finish with foam rolling. But remember, every move counts! Whether you do a short yoga session or some foam rolling. Focus on daily movement for today´s energy boost, but also for tomorrow´s goals. Good luck! Give yourself a moment!