Heart, Body and Soul with Frida

Frida has always considered health and exercise as a lifestyle, not a quick fix. She believes that the body works best when it’s treated as one unit. It's important to realize that everything is connected; body, mind and soul.

Frida is the CEO of a training facility called Under Construction, which is located in central Stockholm. Over the past 20 years Frida has worked in the health and training industry inspiring people to reach their exercise goals and finding a balanced lifestyle.  

"I want to create this fantastic feeling when our muscles are working together in perfect symphony; this will make us full of energy and a sense of being strong. The feeling of harmony between work, training and everyday life is something I value and want to pursue the best I can."

What is your view on training?

I have always considered health and training as a lifestyle, not a quick fix. I see the body as a whole and that means that the body is at it’s best when you treat it as one unit. It's important to realize that everything is connected; body, mind and soul.

What is your best training tips?

My best advice to you is to find a mix between hard and soft, to vary your training as much as possible. Always warm up before your workout so the nervsystem is ready. Keep in mind; you are one functioning unit. 

Under Construction

Under Construction specialize in functional training, which means that we focus on training different movements instead of specific muscles.  

We believe that prioritize your body is a smart investment. There needs to be a balance between physical activity, recovery, sleep and healthy nutrition; all these are equally important building blocks of a healthy living. We want to inspire everyone towards a healthy well being where physical activity is a part of your every day life.