Floor slider Bamboo 2pcs - Natural

24.43 €
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Engage your core and strengthen your spine while practicing a wide variety of different slider exercises. Made from eco-friendlier materials, this flexible and durable tool is kind to your floors while stabilising and supporting your body.


Article number 544110041

  • A pair of floor sliders, Each slider size: Diameter 18cm, Thickness 8mm, Hardness 45 D

Size & Weight

  • Product size: 22.5x18.0x0.8 cm
  • Product weight: 0.18 kg
  • Package size: 22.8x2.3x18.2 cm



Hard density EVA foam where 25% is made from natural bamboo and rice husk, Bottom layer is brushed polyester

Care instruction

Always check the product is clean and also make sure that your surface is clean before starting to use the product to reduce risk of leaving marks on the floor. If dirty clean with a damp cloth then wipe of with a dry cloth. Only use for its intended purposes as described in this product text Note! This is a training device. Keep away from children