Yoga mat Grip&Cushion III Scallop 5mm - Light pink

99.90 €
Now, in a beautiful scallop design! The award-winning Yoga Mat Grip&Cushion III provides excellent cushioning from the dense natural rubber base, offering superior stability and protecting your joints through your favourite poses. In addition, the mat gradually absorbs any water or sweat, providing the best possible grip and a non-slip surface. Made for all types of yoga, especially active kinds such as hatha, ashtanga, and vinyasa, the mat is designed with laser-cut lines for positioning guidance and extended measurements for extra space. The mat can also be used for hot yoga; however, we recommend always using a towel to make your mat last longer. As the mat is absorbent, it will gain patina over time.


Article number 561083131

  • Independet international test center, ICRG, has through scientific tests and a test panel rewarded our Grip & Cushion mat as BEST IN TEST!
  • Best possible grip in both dry and “sweaty-wet” conditions.
  • Laser cut line for positioning guidance if needed.
  • Great support and cushioning from the natural rubber layer.

Size & Weight

  • Product size: 183.0x68.0x0.5 cm
  • Product weight: 3.10 kg
  • Package size:


Top: PU, Bottom: Natural rubber

Natural rubber with a surface of PU material. PVC-free, free from phthalates. Free from hazardous chemicals.?

Care instruction

We recommend that you don't use shoes on this mat. Wipe with cold water. No machine wash. Please note our yoga mats are not made to be used in direct sunlight. If you use it outside, make sure that it is not warmer than regular room temperature outside. Also, please never store training equipment on painted or varnished surfaces.