As unparalleled experts we offer high-tech training equipment made to perform - with attention to detail and sustainability at heart. Supreme durability - paired with innovation and style.



Bamboo is a natural and sustainable material. It doesn’t just look good – it is good. And produced in such a way as to minimize the negative impact on the planet. We think that’s pretty cool.


natural materials

 Tools made from mostly natural materials. By choosing cork, wool, real wood and natural leather we make an eco-friendly choice and deliver a clean and beautiful look.

new in - multifunctional

eco mat

Yoga mat made from 30% recycled TPE material. The unique design enables the mat to be folded up to 12 times, for a variety of use options. Fold it for extra knee support, adjust the length or use it as a balance mat. Easy to store and bring everywhere.

tools of

natural rubber

The rubber used is originated from the rubber trees. Although the process to produce it still leave an impact on the environment it is relatively less in comparison to other materials - making it a better choice.

tools of

recycled plastic

There is bad plastic and better plastic. The tools are made of plastic that is recycled from the production processes to minimize unnecessary waste. 

Our Eco water bottles are made from sugar cane, still plastic but the plastic is 100% recyclable.