Since 1984, Casall’s core values are the very foundations of our brand; innovative solutions, honesty and high ethical standards in every step. Our goal is to always deliver high quality. We carefully select suppliers who share our values and high focus on sustainability and are dedicated to producing high quality products with respect for humanity and the environment.


We produce activewear in Europe, working only with the very best European fabric suppliers and maintaining the same high, uncompromising focus and demand on product quality.

Home Training & Professional equipment is produced in very close collaboration with the same family run companies in Taiwan for more than 30 years. Together we constantly develop and test new sustainable materials and ways of working.


All our suppliers are asked to fill out a Material specification for each product, then review by our Environmental coordinator for approval. Through Chemical contracts according to EU:S REACH regulation and on-going education via close, long-term collaborations we have come a long way in building mutual trust and knowledge.

We have never been using silver or any anti-bacterial treatments as anti-odor in our activewear products as it can be harmful to both human health and the environment.  

All our home training tools are BPA-free and contain zero hazardous phthalates. We always make sure our home training tools are produced in the best possible way, with respect for humans and the environment.


Our goal is to avoid all unnecessary packaging and use a good, sustainable alternative where possible going forward. The new Casall TOOL packaging is made of renewable and recycled material. Introducing this change will save a minimum of 23 tonnes of plastic per year.

In order to reduce the impact of transportation of our goods we focus on efficient and simplified logistics and by avoiding air freights as much as possible. Since most of our activewear production takes place in Europe, we avoid long distance transportation and for our tools and professional equipment (mainly from Asia) we use boats as our main transportation.