Tube roll - Black

599 NOK


A foam roller with hard spikes for deep tissue massage of your stiff muscles. Stimulates pressure points, increases circulation and reduces lactic acid build-up. Use it for warm-ups or after high intensity workouts for maximum recovery. The Casall Tube Roll has a smooth surface in the middle for optimal position against the back.


Article number 542059011

Size & Weight

  • Product size: 33,0x15,0x15,0 cm
  • Product weight: 0,43 kg
  • Package size: 21,0x15,2x15,2 cm


Polyethylene, EVA

Polyethylene, EVA foam. Hardness: 35-40D. Innertube: ABS plastic.

Care instruction

Can be sensitive to sun exposure, Washable in cold water. Note! This is a training device. Keep away from children