Flex band Recycled Blend Medium 1pcs - Medium Green

199 NOK
Our Flex bands are the perfect tool for flexibility and stability training. This band targets both the upper and lower body. Partly produced by using recycled materials to reduce leftover materials from production. This is our way of making conscious choices to try to reduce waste. This product is made from natural material and might deviate in color.


Varenummer 543174491

  • Reference resistance at maximum length: 3 kg.

Størrelse og vekt

  • Produktstørrelse: 150,0x8,0x0,1 cm
  • Produktvekt: 0,15 kg
  • Emballasje: 15,5x2,2x10,5 cm



Mix with new TPE and recycled TPE.

Klesvask råd

Sensitive to sun exposure. Washable in cold water. Note! This is a training device. Keep away from children