Sport bras

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At Casall we’ve got sports bras for all different types of activities that provide great support from A-cup all the way to G-cup. We’re famous for our Iconic Sports Bra, which is still a favourite after many years, but we’ve also got a fantastic selection of other styles including seamless, front-closure, back-closure, thin straps, thick straps, and more. We recommend choosing a different sports bra depending on the type of activity, from low-intensive to high-intensive training. 

Sports Bra Fun Facts

  1. When you train without a sports bra your breasts are free to move as much as 20 centimetres.
  2. An ordinary bra, breast movement is reduced by only around 35%. A sports bra reduces movement by more than 70%.
  3. Your breast size changes throughout your life, as does the type of support you need.
  4. Sports bras lose their elasticity over time. Just like training shoes, they need to be changed regularly.
  5. Different activities – and physiques – require different types of support. Casall has a solution to meet most needs.