Everything we make has an impact on the planet and on us, its inhabitants. Therefore, everything we do needs to be carefully considered. We are responsible for our impact, and we aim to constantly improve our understanding and take action. Responsibility has been close to our hearts since the start in 1984 and remains one of our core values. You can trust us to play our part in the game. It is not always easy, especially in an ever-changing field, but we remain aspirational and keep moving forward as we genuinely care to make a difference.


Longevity and high ethical standards have been with us since we set sail back in the '80s. With extensive product expertise, a mantra of quality first, and carefully chosen suppliers, we design high-performance, timeless classics of outstanding quality; products that can be used and loved time and time again. We have learned a lot along the way, but we still have a long way to go.



We make it our mission to ensure you can wear, train, wash, and love your pieces for a long time. This means choosing suppliers carefully and exploring new ways to craft high-quality activewear that can keep up with all your workouts. Simply put, quality and durability are critical components of our sustainability work.



We prioritize health and wellbeing for all, and we believe in the power of collaboration. We hold ourselves and our business partners to high ethical standards, building long-lasting relationships with our carefully selected suppliers.



In line with the Paris Agreement and the 1.5°C target, we are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint. This includes measures such as gradually reducing our emissions, and working towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2045



We want to help you make your products last longer and minimize their impact on the environment. In addition to the wash instructions on the care label or packaging, we also provide extra care tips for our products.



One of our core values is responsibility, and that's why we set ambitious goals. Despite the challenging and ever-changing nature of our field, you can trust us to play our part in making a difference. Our commitment to progress means we will never stop moving forward.