Updated 2021-09-09

It is important to us that you are aware of what information we collect about you and how it is collected. Casall may collect personal information about you in two ways: i) when you directly or indirectly provide us with information about yourself about your use of our websites connected to Casall, hereinafter the “Website”) and services and ii) through our use of cookies.



When you visit our Website, you may choose to provide us with information, including personal information such as if you make an enquiry, purchase a product or service, sign up for access to content, apply for a job, or participate in a survey or otherwise provide feedback about our products and services. Information we collect relating to these activities may include: your name, information about how you can be contacted, all necessary information for billing purposes (where applicable) and any additional details you provide to us. We also collect through partners any payment information relating to a business transaction such as payment method, credit and debit card data (card number, validity date and CVV code), invoice information, bank account number etc. as applicable.

When you use our services we may, in addition to the information you provide to us yourself per above also collect the following information about you and your activity:

  • Information about the products/services you purchase from us.
  • Device information: such as the IP address, unique device identifier, browser type and language, the server your device is logged into, and the operating system information.
  • Your geographical location.
  • Information about your interactions with us such as how you use our services, including page response times, which content we’ve shown to you, and on which pages, and whether you showed interest in that content by interacting with it, downloads etc. This information is collected for us to learn about the communication, you may like or dislike and to improve our services and products.

The information you provide to us, the information about which products/services you use ad purchase as well as your financial information (where applicable), is generally required to enter a contractual relationship with us. The other categories of information we collect as explained above is generally necessary to pursue other business purposes.

In addition to the above-mentioned information we may also ask you to provide any other information that may help us to make your visit and our communication to you as effective as possible, for example your personal or professional interests, where you live and so on. This additional information will only be collected by us to the extent you provide us with the information i.e. with your consent.


A cookie is a small piece of data that, if you have allowed cookies to be used on your device, can be stored on your device. Casall uses cookies to help us analyze our website traffic. You can change your browser settings to allow or block cookies from being stored on your computer, and you can remove these cookies from your computer at any time.

If you want to visit and use our specific user profile pages and other sections of Casall Website that you must log into, your browser must be set to accept cookies in order for them to function properly. However, you can visit all other areas of our Website without having to accept cookies and without having to reveal your identity.

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