We're not the only ones who think we make great products. Here you can find all our yoga mats, training tools, tights and sports bras that has been rewarded BEST IN TEST.





We're not the only ones who think we make great products. Here you can find all our yoga mats, training tools, tights and sports bras that has been rewarded BEST IN TEST.


Independet international test center ICRG has in December 2021 tested different top mats on longevity, capacity, grip, moisture absorption, cushioning and dangerous materials. Through different scientific tests and a test panel, our Grip & Cushion yoga mat was rewarded with BEST IN TEST. But they also named our bestseller Position yoga mat as number three and BEST BUY!

best in test


A high-performance mat with excellent grip, density and firmness. Any water or sweat will gradually absorb into the mat to provide the best possible grip and a slip-free surface.

"What an absolutely amazing mat! I have been looking for a rubber mat for over a while and did a lot of research in order to find the right one. I would 100% recommend this one. Its slightly larger than a usual mat which is great, the grip is very good and it helps make all the poses and flows so beautiful."

- Shahwar

best buy


Our bestseller Position yoga mat was also rewarded BEST BUY of forbrugerrådet TÆNK in their december yoga mat test. We can only agree - this is a great mat at a even better price!

This is a must-have yoga mat which is ideal to use at home, at the gym or when travelling. The mat is well-cushioned and has good traction to help you through the most challenging poses in the most comfortable way.

"This yoga mat is fantastic, especially when you need great grip against the floor. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend it to others."

- Liselott L



At Casall we’ve got sports bras for all different types of activities that provide great support from A-cup all the way to G-cup. Here you can find our Sports bra models that has been rewarded BEST IN TEST. 

I FORMs læserpris 2019


"Træningsfavoritter I FORMs læserpris 2019"  in the high support category.

This is our ultimate sports bra for high-impact training. With shaped seams to create a custom fit, adjustable straps in the front and foam lining for shape and coverage, and non-stretch lining for maximum support, you’ll wonder why you ever went running in anything else. High Control Sports Bra is available in size 70-85 and you can choose between C, D and E-cup.

"It doesn't matter if you are C-, D- or E-cup this Sports bra offers the optimal support for running or any other activity. Shaped cups and a wide lining under the bust makes it stable and comfortable. A nice feature is that you can adjust the shoulder straps from the front which makes it easy to adjust to your fit. Nice design with decorative back and still a neutral look in grey and black."

- Motivation in IForm test 2019



Test winner many times through the years, in Testfakta and Bä and 2018 Iform rewarded it with BEST IN TEST in the high support category.

It's our original sports bra. It’s an all-purpose sports bra that can be used for anything. It’s incredibly supportive, but still super soft, leaving you feeling comfortably secure. We call it the Iconic because, well, it is. Iconic Sports Bra is our oldest, but still our best selling sports bra. Available in sizes XS-XL and you can choose between A / B cup or C / D cup in all sizes.

"I absolutely love these bras, and have been wearing them every day for years, as well as for long distance running. they are just so comfy, and i love this new grey colour too."

- Samantha B

best in test 2018

front zip

Rewarded BEST IN TEST by IForm in 2018 in the medium support category.

It’s easy on and easy off with this zip-front medium-impact sports bra. Formed padding in the front provides good support with wireless comfort, so you can focus on your training not your bra. Front Zip Sports Bra is our first and only sports bra with opening at front and has quickly become a favorite among our customers. Available in sizes 70-80 and you can choose from B, C, D and E-cup.

"My absolute favorite of all my sports bras. Beauty, fits well and keeps everything in place. The big plus of that is stylish as well. Perfect front closure so you do not have to crawl in and out during training. The cups are protective and shows no undesirable during exercise. Wish it was made in more colors / patterns only otherwise super happy."

- Miss G

best in test 

High impact

Test winner many times through the years, especially when they have tested sports bras for larger bust, for example rewarded BEST IN TEST by and

The name says it all! This high-impact sports bra features shaped seams for perfect fit and non-stretch lining for exceptional support, a wide racerback and double closures in the back. The adjustable shoulder straps and back closure will help the bra to fit perfectly.  Available in sizes 70-95 and you can choose from B, C, D, E, F and G-cups.


BEST IN TEST - Training tights

When it comes to our training tights for women, we don’t compromise on fabric, form or function. Here you can find our tight models that have been named BEST IN TEST in different categories.

best in test 2018


Rewarded BEST IN TEST by IForm in 2018 when they tested winter tights.

Train outside in these stretchy tights, made with wind blocking fabric that's brushed on the inside to keep you warm. Fast-drying and friction-minimising qualities make these a seasonal favourite so you can embrace the outdoors, no matter the weather.

"Let us introduce you to Casall Windtherm Tights! They have a brushed inside and a windproof  section on your thighs, it makes them warm and comfortable and the flat seams makes them even more comfortable to train in. The tights are full length with a flattering design - we can't really which for much more in a couple of winter tights!"

- Motivation IForm magazine 2018

best in test


Our absolute favourites Sculpture high waist has won many tests through the year, for example awarded them BEST IN TEST in the high performing tights.

Next-generation sculpting tights, with a shaping high waist and stylish tape detail along the sides. These popular tights have a unique sculpting effect that accentuates your curves, combined with fantastic flexibility. Lightweight, quick-drying, and recycled material. Also available with normal waist.

"There are no better tights. The give support, shapes and stays in place through your work out! At first the feel really tight and small but once you have them on, they fit perfectly."

- Maria 

best in test 2017


Rewarded BEST IN TEST by 2017 in compression tights category. 

We made these tights with compression for a high-performance look and feel. Moisture-management keeps sweat in check, and flexible fabric moves with you.

"We measured the elasticity and support of the fabrics, but because fit is so important we have focused on the tights ability to maintain support and elasticity over time and use. A pair of great tights should also have great moisture management qualities to perform in this category. Casall is the test winner and performed the best on above points."

- Motivation



Casall was founded in 1980 selling weight plates and training tools to the most progressive gyms and studios in Scandinavia. Today our tool business is more complete and holistic.

Guldäpplet 2014

Tube roll

In 2014 our innovative Tube roll was rewarded the Swedish award GULDÄPPLET. But it has also been named BEST IN TEST by bä when they tested massage rolls.

A foam roller with hard spikes for deep tissue massage of your stiff muscles. Stimulates pressure points, increases circulation and reduces lactic acid build-up. Use it for warm-ups or after high intensity workouts for maximum recovery. The Casall Tube Roll has a smooth surface in the middle for optimal position against the back.

"Casall Tube roll combines excellent functionality with a reasonable price and are therefore named BEST IN TEST. This is s hard foam roll, and the spikes offer a really deep massage, perfect for targeting stiff  and soar muscles."

- Motivation bä