ECO Yoga mat Grip&Bamboo 4mm - Green/Natural

Recommended price £139.00
A grippy eco-friendlier mat delivering exceptional functionality and predominantly made from natural materials. Offering superior grip in both dry and sweaty-wet conditions with the added benefit of also being relatively lightweight.


Article number 561024351

  • A unique material composition with a blend of 70% natural materials for the grippy top material. That makes this mat a complete conscious choice compare to traditional PU mats.
  • Grippy also in sweaty-wet conditions.
  • Light weight grippy mat.
  • Bottom layer with 25% natural Bamboo fiber and rice husk.

Size & Weight

  • Product size: 180.0x65.0x0.4 cm
  • Product weight: 1.20 kg
  • Package size: 65.0x13.0x13.0 cm


70% Natural materials, TPE

Top material: 70% Natural materials such as Stone powder and natural rubber. Bottom: TPE foam where 25% is made from natural bamboo and rice husk.

Care instruction

We recommend that you don't use shoes on this mat. Top material can easy get dirty but it is possible to clean with water and a dry cloth. No machine wash. Please note our yoga mats are not made to be used in direct sunlight, the material risk to shrink. If you use it outside, make sure that it is not warmer than regular room temperatures outside.