Multifunction Mat 6mm - Black

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Yoga mat made from 30% recycled TPE material. The unique design enables the mat to be folded up to 12 times, for a variety of use options. Fold it for extra knee support, adjust the length or use it as a balance mat. Easy to store and bring everywhere.


Article number 533129011

  • Size: Flat: 178 cm x 59 cm x 0,6 cm, Folded: Folded: 59cm x 14cm x 9cm.

Size & Weight

  • Product size: 178.0x59.0x0.6 cm
  • Product weight: 1.00 kg
  • Package size: 61.2x15.9x9.3 cm



Made from a mix of TPE and Recycled TPE (30%) from the production process. The recycled material is used directly from the production process which gives minimal leftover material that normally otherwise just goes to waste. This unique production process makes this mat to a more environmentally friendlier choice.

Care instruction

Can be sensitive to sun exposure. Wash in cold water and let dry by air. Avoid storing the mat against painted or varnished surfaces.