Yoga mat natural cork 5mm - Natural cork/black

Achieve next-level stability in your practice! Thanks to the rubber base and cork surface, this mat is ideal for active yoga as it will develop a great grip during sweaty sessions, making it perfect for jump-throughs. In addition, the cushioning and smooth surface make our Natural Cork Mat and restorative practices a heavenly match! As cork is a natural material, it will gain a beautiful patina when used and cared for over time and is naturally moisture-wicking and antimicrobial.


Article number 710281011

  • Natural materials used. Natural rubber and the cork is sustainably produced in Portugal.
  • Heavy weight for increased grounded stability and performance cushion.
  • Cork has a smooth natural feel. Amazing for restorative yoga. The cork will wear organically over time.
  • When being “sweaty-wet” the grip increase.

Size & Weight

  • Product size: 183.0x61.0x0.5 cm
  • Product weight: 3.00 kg
  • Package size: 61.0x12.0x12.0 cm


Natural cork, Natural rubber

Top layer: Natural cork. Base layer: Natural rubber

Care instruction

Practice with care and your cork mat will wear organically over time. Do not store in a hot, dry environment and not against any painted or varnished surfaces. Clean with water and let dry in the open air. Avoid using shoes on the mat. Please note our yoga mats are not made to be used in direct sunlight, the material risk to shrink. If you use it outside, make sure that it is not warmer than regular room temperatures outside.