We collaborate with a select group of suppliers who share our values and beliefs, and prioritize building strong relationships based on mutual respect and open communication. The majority of our wear collection is made in Europe, ensuring greater transparency and a deeper understanding of the manufacturing process.


At Casall, we believe in health and wellbeing for all and everyone. We are simply better together. We value high ethical standards not only in our own operations but in all operations connected to our business. We have long-lasting relationships with the vast majority1 of our suppliers, some of whom we have worked with since day one. We work with few, well-selected suppliers to have a close and continuous dialogue where mutual respect and shared values are the foundation.

To have better insights and closeness to our collaborators, we have also chosen to produce the vast majority of our wear collection in Europe. All our signature fabrics, which represent a significant part of our volumes, are produced by nominated suppliers, all of whom are also located in Europe2.

The production of our tools segment is largely located in Taiwan and China, where we primarily collaborate with our partner whom we have worked with since the start in 1984. The reason being that the technical expertise and high-quality production for our diverse range of tools are mainly found in those locations.

All our suppliers have signed our code of conduct, which is based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN), the ILO core convention, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN). We are requesting our suppliers to share third-party audits and, if applicable, corrective action plans to make sure they act compliantly. We also visit both our existing and new suppliers ourselves as a standard routine.

Transparency is essential to reach progress in all areas, and we are therefore now mapping our supply chain down to tier 3 and 4 to get an even better understanding of our value chain, the risks it has, and how we can manage them. This is done in close collaboration with our suppliers because we believe that the best way to achieve change is not to demand but to educate and support.

Below you can see where we produced our products during 20223.

1 Referring to tier 1
2 Referring to tier 2
3 Based on produced volumes 2022