We constantly seek to improve, and challenge ourselves to make conscious choices in our ethical and environmental contributions.  We seek active partnerships and collaborations built on shared values; namely honest innovators with high ethical standards at every step.

STICA - Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action

Members of STICA, where we together with other textile brands in the Nordic region work towards, at minimum, reduce greenhouse gases in line with 1.5 C warming pathway, as outlined by the United Nations Framework on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement. Ultimately STICA’s aim is to ensure the Swedish and Nordic textile industry does more than its share by becoming the first climate positive apparel and textiles industry in the world well before 2050.

SOS Children Villages


At Casall, one of our devotions since 2007 is to support SOS Children Villages in their work to protect vulnerable children.

VI-SKOGEN Agroforestry

Casall climate compensates annually for all air and company car travel through Vi Skogen foundation. They fight both poverty and climate change through tree planting and sustainable land management. Their methods absorb greenhouse gases whilst it increases the agricultural productivity, so farmers can lift themselves out of poverty.